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Wazifa (वज़ीफ़ा), Islamic Wazifa for Love/Marriage/Job/Success in India

हर समस्या का समाधान हाज़ी शाहनवाज़ ख़ान के पास निराश ना हो !

Lets Understand The Term Wazifa (وظیفہ)
Wazifa is Arabic word which means “TO Employ”. In simple words Wazifa is to hire someone for specific given work and pay him for that work. In Sufism, this term refers to the evocation of qualities of Allah by reciting or meditating on some or all of the 99 Names of Allah. Many people also used the term wazifa as the amount. The word wazifa used as descriptive noun for specific type of wage, gifts etc.

Does Wazifa is permissible and allowed in Islam? The Answer is Yes, it is permissible.
Allah Taalah has mentioned number of times in the Quran about the recitals (Wazifas) of many prophets, during the the time of their difficulties. Such recitals are highly significant and beneficial in removing one from similar difficulties.

Rules of Reading Wazifa
Are you planning or thinking to read any wazifa, and then you should read the following rules before you proceed further:
1- Are you going to read wazifa for correct & ethical purpose and does it follow shariah.
2- You must understand all words in wazifa and pronounce them clearly without any mistake.
3- You must salah 5 times before performing any wazifa, it’s compulsory. So don't expect Allah to grant you your wish, while you deliberately break the rules & disobey his orders.
4- Your income must be of halal not haram. Even if there is one single penny of haram income, then no wazifa, ibadat or dua will work.
5- While performing Wazifa, the time and place must be the same every day. If because of emergency, you have to go to another place then take your mushalla or prayer mat on which you read your wazifa, with you.
6- You must be in wudu while you read a wazifa. Your clothes and body must be clean.
Wudu involves washing the hands, mouth, nostrils, arms, head, and feet with water, and is an important part of ritual purity in Islam. 7- Both men & women must dress up in proper Islamic way while performing wazifa.
8- While performing a wazifa you must be alone in a room if possible. As for few wazifas it is compulsory that they should be performed in absence of others.
9- While performing a wazifa you are not allowed to talk to anyone, even by gestures and there should be e should be no distraction which can divert your attention. Advisable is to keep you mobiles & phones off.
10- If you are a man, then you must avoid shave in the duration of the wazifa. Shaving is breaking the sunnah of the Prophet and is deemed as a sin.
11- While performing a wazifa, it is advisable to use an ittar or a non alcoholic perfume.
12- If you are performing a wazifa, to see the result in your dream, you should sleep on the floor, not on the bed. Also you must sleep in the same position as the Holy Prophet (sallal la ho alaihi wa aalihi wa sallim) used to sleep.
13- Do not lie or do back biting during the duration of wazifa.
14- Always do a 2 RAKAT TOBAH SALAH (seek Allahs forgiveness) and DO A TOBAH before performing the wazifa. Do this once only or always before you start a wazifa. 15- If you perform the wazifa next to the grave of a Prophet, Sahabi, Aulia Allah or Salih person, then the desired results and wishes will fulfil faster, that’s guaranteed.
16- Once you have started performing a wazifa please do not leave it in the middle.
17- If the wazifa does not work in the stated time period please continue it until you get what you want from Allah. This might be because of doing errors and mistakes while performing these.
18- The acceptance of wazifa or dua depends upon your taqwa. The time period is not same for all, it always vary person to person.
19- You can’t perform two wazifas at the same time, whether it is for different hajat. If you will try to do that, then no wazifa will work. Be careful about it. No two persons can do a wazifa for the same hajat as well. Only one person can do only one wazifa, except for the King of all wazifas number 2.
20- No wazifa can be changed or altered in any means (its shape or form), so you are requested to not to write or call us regarding any type of change in conditions of any wazifa.
21-Last but not the least, anyone who doesn’t believe in Ailia Allah should forget about getting desired cherish full results from these wazifas.

Online Wazifa Specialist
Online Wazifa Specialist, "Wazifa for Lost Love and wish: Get your love back by performing this Rohani Wazifa. This is very effective and tested Rohani wazifa for getting your lost love back. How to Use This Wazifa To Get Your Lover Back: Read this Rohani love wazifa for 300 times after Esha Prayer. You Should Start it from Thursday. Do this for minimum 11 days and maximum 33 days.
Insha Allah in this above mentioned time frame, you will get back your lost love and your wish to connect with your desired one will be fulfilled Inshallah. Some important points for amal/Wazifa are mentioned below, if you keep these points while doing Wazifa then the result will be 100% Insha Allah and you will surely get your lover back.

1. Perform it just for Marriage or for creating true love in anybody like for husband/wife/parents/siblings and for true well wishers.
2. Keeping the halal food always and avoid even a single penny of haram.
3. During the Amal/wazifa you must have to obey all Islamic Rules i.e. 5 Times prayers. Talking truth, listen and obey parents/teachers/elders, don’t hurt any one etc… 4. You must have to get the permission of this method before performing it.
5. If your Lover or beloved one is affected by Black magic or Genie (Jinnat) effects, then you must have to take steps to cure it.
6. Read Before and after 3 Times Darood Shareef
7. During the amal you have to concentrate about your beloved one or about your desired wish and at the end of wazifa say his/her name with his/her mother name and along with your name and your mother name and then blow with concentration/in mind (through imagination) on him/her.
8. Start Amal from Thursday.
9. Don’t inform about your wazifa/amal to any one. And don’t be fade up.
10. Before starting wzaifa better if you give/do some Sadqa (as much u can afford easily) to give food even one needy/hungry person.

Benefits of Performing Wazifa
Miya Ji offering his wazifa services to serve mankind and he can help you to solve many problems related to Health, Career, Money, Success, Improve Love Life, Educations, family problems, husband wife disputes, job, kala jaadu, jin, black magic, bring your love back in your life and many more.

Miya ji till now performed many wazifa services and make people life happy and easier by helping and guiding them the right process of wazifa which exactly work and solve their problems.
No need to worry, Insha ALLAH all your problems will be resolved, Ameen. You only need to devote yourself to Allah and start following the paths shown by him. How You Will Get Permission To Perform Wazifa?

You can start performing wazifa as per the rules of respective wazifa after getting permission and giving a charity for the particular wazifa which you are looking for. Inshah Alla, you will surely get 100% success in solving your problems by worshiping Allah and performing these wazifa.

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem
बिस्मिल्ला हिररहमान निररहीम

With The Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent and The Merciful SallALLAHU ‘Ala Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam Wazifa For Success (In Life)
In this world every individual wants to live happy life and achieve success in his live. But almost all of you struggle a lot in your life rather than enjoying it, the reason behind is you not following the path shown by Allah. Miyaji will provide you one of the easiest and best wazifa for success, the most important point with this wazifa is that you can read it at any time weather you are walking or working, there is no rule of reading it at specific times. Here is the wazifa which you have to read and preech “subhan al malik ul qudus”

इस दुनिया में हर इंसान एक खुश और कामयाब जिंदगी चाहता है| लेकिन वो अल्लाह के बताये रस्ते पर अमल नही कर पता और खुद को परेशानियों में दाल बैठता है| ऐसे ही लोगो के लिए मिया जी लेके आये है वजीफा फॉर सक्सेस (कामयाबी का वजीफा), मियाजी आपकी बेहद ही आसान फॉर बेहतरीन वजीफा देंगे जिसकी मदद से आप एक खुश और कामयाब जिन्दगी बिता सकते है और इसे पड़ने के लिए आपको कोई एक निश्चित समय की जरुरत नहीं है| आप इसे कभी भी पढ़ सकते है, चाहे आप कही जा रहे हो या अपने काम में मुश्गूल हों| ये है वो वजीफा जिसे आपको पड़ना है “सुभान अल मालिक उल कुदुस”|

Wazifa for Love
If you have lost your love and he left you alone. You are willing to get him/her back in your life agian. Then you should perform this wazifa, in which you have to imagine the picture of your loved one and keep your focus on him only during this wazifa, for this you doesnt need an actual picture you can imagine also, and then need to read this sacred wazifa “wa alqaeeto aleeqa muhabatum mini” which simply means that I(you yourself) entering inside the soul of your loved one. You need to preechit 100 times always when you are performing this and then you just need to blow it to the imaginary picture of your beloved. Inshah Allah you will get your love back in gauranteed 3 days.
अगर किसी ने अपना प्यार खो दिया है, या किसी का प्यार रूठ गया है, तो उसे उस शख्स (अपने प्यार) की तस्वीर की कल्पना करते हुए, चाहे आपके पास उसकी तस्वीर हो या न हो, यह पाक वजीफा अपने प्यार को पाने के लिए पढना चाहिए| “वि अल्कईतो अलीका मुहबतुम मिनी” इसका मतलब है के मैं मेरे प्यार के जेहन और रूह में प्रवेश कर रहा/रही हूँ| हर बार इसे १०० बार दोहराना है और फुकना है अपने प्यार की काल्पनिक तस्वीर पर| इंशा अल्ला आपका प्यार ३ दिनों में आपके पास लौट आयेगा|

Wazifa For Marriage
The wazifa mentioned here is highly beneficial in marriage problem solutions related to many marriage related problems like acceptance of marriage proposal, quick marriage, successful marriage, arranged marriage or love marriage, second marriage and many other hurdles which comes in the path of your marriage.
The quick marriage solution is to recite sura rahman each day for 11 times in such a way that when word”fabeayeala e rabbe ka ma tukazeban” shall be read repeatedly for 21 times ,and during this wazifa one shall stay clean and shall say his/her prayers 5 times a day and read the protection verses for best results.
यहाँ बताया गया वजीफा आपकी शादी से जुडी समस्या जैसे शादीनिकाह/निकाह के प्रस्ताव को मनवाना, जल्दी शादी/निकाह करवाना, शादी/ को कामयाब करना, जल्दी शादी/निकाह करवाना, दूसरा निकाह, शादी/निकाह की अड्चानो को हटाना.. जल्दी शादी/निकाह के हल के लिए रोजाना ११ मर्तबा सुरा रहमान दोहराए जब “ फ़बेएअला ऐ रब्बी का मा तुकज़ेबन” पढ़े तो इसे २१ मर्तबा दोहरायें| इस वजीफा को पढ़ते समय ध्यान रखें की आप साफ़ सुथरे हो और दिन में इसे ५ बार पड़े! इन्शा अल्लाह आपकी शादी/निकाह से जुड़ी हर समस्या का हल हो जायगा और आपका निकाह/शादी जल्दी ही पढ़ी जायगी|

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