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Wazifa for Success

Salaam Alaikum! Here Begum Aayat Khan Ji will share her best collections of wazifa for success, which are easy to perform and very effective which bring desired results quickly. These wazfia for success are 100% effective and definitely bring happiness and prosperity in your life. These wazifa wil help you to overcome all hurdles and problems you are facing in life and restricting your growth in life.
These wazifa will bring luck and success only for those who are honest to Allah and always rely on halal not haram. For effective results these wazifa should be performed for genuine reasons not with the intention to harm anyone else.
If you believe that despite of your honest efforts and hard work you are not getting your desired results then yes these wazifa for success can work you like a fire and bring success and prosperity in your life very quickly.

wazifa for success:
Those who want to grow in their business and career in general they can perform this simple and easy wazifa in your daily life. While performing this wazifa for success you have to recite the sacred fajar prayer on daily basis without any discontinuation in between the time of sunat and farz. You mush recite for 100 times daily during above mentioned time and sooner you will see positive results will start coming for you and slowly slowly it will open the doors for good fortune.
“सुभान अल्लाहे वाबेहम्दाहे सुभानाल्ल्हैल अज़ीम वाबेहम्दाहे अस्त्ग्फेरुलाह”
“subhan allahe wabehamdahe subhanallhail azeem wabehamdahe astgferulah”
wazifa for business success:
This wazifa for business success is for those brothers and sister who have their own business (no matter what size of business it is), or started a new venture. This wazifa amal will help you to get success in your business in you perform it regularly. For this you have to recite surya yaseen “सलामुन कुलम मेर रेबर रहीम” (salamun qulam mer raber raheem). After Esha Prayer you must sit in an alone place which is quite and there you have to burn incense which uplifts your mood and makes you feel better. Then recite it again and again for 1100 times. Soon you will find that all your hurdles in the path of your business success are getting eliminated step by step.

wazifa to get sucess in life:
Every individual in this earth wants to achieve his own goals, become successful and live his life happily. Here i am going to share this simple and very effective wazifa to get success in life, the best part with this wazifa is, you can recite any time. There is no need to time bound or location bound while reciting this wazifa. You can simply perform it while walking or during your work hours. You have to recite these words “सुभान अल मालिक उल कुदुस” “Subhan al malik ul qudus”

wazifa for success in love:
Any brother or sister is in love and looking to make his relation successful, or you lost your love and want him back for them also this wazifa is quite good. For performing this wazifa you have to use a picture of your love or you can also have imaginary image of your love in a quiet place so that there will be no disturbance for you during that time. Then you have to recite the well known verse for getting love 100 times “वा अल्कईतो अलीक़ा मुहबत्तुम मिनी” “wa alqaeeto aleeqa muhabatum mini”. After recitation you have to blow it on the imaginary image of your love. Perform it for three days and Inshaa Allah you will get desired results soon.

wazifa for success in studies:
Any Student who wants success with his studies and education can perform this simple wazifa. This wazifa is also very helpful for weak students who are getting lower grades in his/her exams. To perform this wazifa you need to get the incense of rose and sandalwood during the new moons Sunday at the time of Venus, then you have to write sura fathe on plain white paper and recite this surah for 41 times and blow it on that and tie it on your right arm which helps you to perform well in your education and studies.

Islamic wazifa for success:
Here is another effective Islamic wazifa for success from the collection of Begum Aayat Khan ji. In this wazifa you have to recite the Islamic name of Allah “अल क़देरो अल हयुल क़यूम” “Al Qadero Al Hayul Qayum”. For more details regarding its proper procedure you can consult Begum Aayat Khan Ji on Call, Chat or Mail for desired fruitful results.

Wazifa for success in Relationship & Marriage:
In this modern world every second couple is facing lots of issues with their relation and marriage. Lack of time and communication makes the scenario worst. This wazfia for success in marriage & relation from the kitty of Begum Aayat Khan is a gift for all of those who wants to work on their marriage relation and improve it. You can perform it during new moon time, for this you have to see the new moon and recite last 2 verses of Sura Tubas 21 times. Keep continuing it during every new moon time and you will never get involved in conflicts and disputes in your marriage relations.

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