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Wazifa For Husband

Begum Aayat Khan has a collection of best and tested wazifas which can help you all ladies to improve your married life. As we all are aware of the fact that it’s really very rare that a couple which does not involve in any type of conflict or bumps in during the journey of their life. There is only one way to live happily in your married life is that you recognize the problems and conflicts that might occur in you relationships and start working on them so that they won’t arise. But it’s not something which everyone is capable of and almost every husband wife relationship face ups and downs, the only thing which makes successful couples out of them are their capabilities to overcome those shortcomings and then continuously working on increasing love in their relations. Many of you might choose an option for going for family counselor, elders or relatives for their advice or you can choose astrological remedies and pray to almighty Allah to keep his blessings on you and give you the strength to make your relationship happy and better.

Today in 21st century life is very fast and it has been seen that many couples didn’t get enough time to spend with each other as they occupied themselves into their work or other things. They forgot that this beautiful relationship of husband wife needs time, love, affection, care and respect for each other. If any of above mentioned thing is missing then your relationship would be in big danger.
Main Causes Which Brings Problems in Husband Wife Relationship:
• Lack of Communication
• Disagreement in Sexual Matters
• Financial Crisis or Money Shortening
• Struggles Over Home Chores
• Giving Lesser Priority to your relation
• Direct Conflicts on any issue
• Lack of Trust
• Too much of Possessiveness
• Child Issues
• Behaviour with In Laws
• Extra Marital Affairs
If you are facing these issues or consequences of above said factors you must consult Begum Aayat Khan Ji who can help you to solve your all issues which both of Husband & Wife are dealing with. For all sorts of issues Begum Aayat Khan has tested and strong wazifa for husband which can bring your relationship on to right track with lots of happiness in your life.

Wazifa To Get Husband Love
If you feel that there is something is missing in your relationship or you feel that your husband is not loving you the way you expect from him then you can perform this wazifa to get your husband’s love. Even If you wish that your husband loves you only and will not seek any other girl or women then also you can perform this wazifa for husband love. For performing this wazifa you should take 7 cinnamons and recite Surah hasher’s last three verses 21 times on each day and then put these cinnamons in her mouth while she sleeps. Next morning give those same 7 cinnamons to your husband in some food or drink and Insha Allah you will get desired results quickly.

Wazifa For Healthy Husband Wife Relations
If any of you wants to bring more strength and pleasure in between your relationship with your husband then you can perform this wazifa which will bring desirable results quickly. While performing this wazifa you need to take hairs of both of you (husband & wife) and make a thread of them together, then recite surah zilzal and taking names of both of you and tie 7 knots, after this throw them in running water.

Wazifa To Grow Love in Husband Wife
If any of my sister willing to increase or grow love between her and her husband then, this wazifa is for you. First you need to take piece of used old cloth of both of you, then you need to soak it in sandal wood oil for a while and leave it until it get dried. Now on coming Sunday during sunrise read surah anfals first 10 aayatas and blow them on both the clothes. After this tie both the clothes with pink thread or string and then bring them to a fruitful tree and tie them on it where they can move freely with wind.

Strong & Powerful Wazifa For Husband Love
This wazifa for husband love is one of the strongest wazifas and it has to be performed by any lady for her husband on thursday only in hours of Venus and before that you need to prepare all things which are required during reciting of this wazifa i.e. 41 black pepper seeds, coal and some good incense for love. During the above said time you must go and sit in a quiet place (with no distractions) with your husband’s picture in front of you and recite surah ahad on each seed and burn on coals or fire. Soon you will achieve your desired wish.

Easy but Powerful Wazifa For Husband
This is one of the easiest and effective wazifa to increase your husband’s love towards you. For this wazifa you need to cook a sweet dish with saffron and read 99 names of Allah on it and repeat this 7 times. Each time you read those 99 names of Allah blow it on that sweet dish and then both you and your husband should it for outstanding love and relationship An easy way to make each other love is that make a sweet dish topped with saffron and read 99 names of Allah on it 7 times and each time you read blow it on the sweet dish you have made, now both the partners eat it for outstanding love and relationship.

Wazifa to Bring Back Husband
This wazifa is especially for those sisters whose husband has left her or not accepting you in his life. This wazifa works like fire in your life and bring positivity in mind of your husband for you in no time. To perform this wazifa first you have to do your zohar prayers, light the incense of rose or lavender and recite sura fatiha loudly so that even you can hear it, where the word “आएयाहू का नाबोदो वा इयाद का नस्ताईन” comes, you have to repeat it 101 times and read surah for 11 times. Within two to three weeks your feel the positivity of this wazifa and listen good news about your relationship

*All wazifas mentioned on this page are for married women only, which can be used only for improving relationship with their husbands.
* You must consult Begum Aayat Khan Ji for permission to recite these wazifas

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