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Istikhara Dream

What is Istikhara dream? Istikhara dream is the direct source of information and guidance from Allah swt. One who performs Istikhara seeks guidance in the dream from Allah swt. Thus, the dream that illustrate the outcome of Istikhara is identified as Istikhara Dream.
Most of the time the dream shows the signs, colours or hints that explains Allah’s guidance. However, if a person performing Istikhara doesn’t have a dream at all, they will still be guided by Allah swt through a change in circumstance or a change in their heart or their thoughts towards that task. If a person did not get response for the 1st time then it is suggested that they should repeat Istikhara prayer until they get a sign regarding their desired task.
According to some scholars a person can reiterate Istikhara for upto 7 days. Continue requesting Allah swt to direct you towards what is best for you.

Istikhara Dream Interpretation
After performing Istikhara, it is important to know how to interpret Istikhara dream? Sometimes it is hard to understand the meaning of the Istikhara dream. We offer Islamic Istikhara Dream Interpretation service which is available round the clock and its absolutely free of cost. Just fill the Istikhara dream interpretation form and we will interpret it for you.
“In the name of Allah, We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright."

For Ishtikhara Dream Interpretations please provide us with complete details like;
• for what purpose you performed Istikhara prayer?
• how many days did you perform?
• what did you observe in the dream?
• did you observed same dream again and again or different dream every day?
Regardless of whether the outcome of the Istikhara Prayer, positive or negative, one should unconditionally accept whatever appears in the Istikhara dream with an absolute certainty. It must be considered as the best decision and guidance shown by Allah swt.

Istikhara Dream Meaning
It is sometimes hard for a person performing Istikhara Prayer to comprehend the Istikhara dream meaning; however some simple hints from within the dream will help out a person to interpret their dream.
For example, if WHITE (anything white in colour, like: milk, white paper, white clothes, white light etc.) Or GREEN (anything green in colour, like: grass, plants, trees, green clothes, green light etc.) Coloured objects are observed in the dream then it signifies Allah’s consent (approval) in your desired task. On the other hand if RED (anything red in colour, like: blood, red clothing, red fruit, red light etc.) or DARK (anything black in colour, for example: black water, black light, black clothing’s, black sky, black wall etc.) coloured objects are visible in the dream, it signifies Allah’s disapproval in your desired task. If for any reason you didn’t remember your dream or didn’t see any colours then pursue with what your heart tells you. Whatever intention grows stronger in your heart regarding your desired work follow it after seven days of Istikhara.

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